The great travel reboot:

how to reach the new breed of travellers


Last year the world awakened from its pandemic-induced slumber. Across APAC people are itching to leave the #throwback travel pics behind and get moving again.

Our new interactive e-guide will show how savvy advertisers in APAC can get ahead of their competitors by navigating the new age of travel. Here are a few stops you will make to learn how to upgrade your advertising approach to first class:


Short and long-term predictions across different industries and timeframes


Who are the new breed of travellers, what drives them and how we expect them to behave


A deep dive into APAC’s countries and tips to guide your advertising plans including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and India.

Are you ready? Buckle your seatbelts and join us to discover the new direction of travel in APAC.

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